Upcoming Elections

Have you ever wanted to get involved with us but didn’t know how? Elections are coming up and there are many different roles that ENSU needs to fill in order to provide the students within the School of Environment the best experience possible. Consider nominating yourself for one of the positions below. 🙂


Nominations: March 12-20 (ONLINE)

Voting Period: March 22 at 9AM- March 23 at 11:59PM

Ballots will be counted and the results will be announced on March 24!

1) Be a student enrolled in an ENV specialist, major, or minor
2) Be prepared to present your student number to verify your student status

Please email a short blurb about yourself (150-200 words), program and which position you are running for to ensu.utoronto@gmail.com. Please submit these blurbs by March 20th at 11:59PM! These blurbs will be posted on this page as we receive them.




Environmental Students’ Union Executive Roles:

Co-Presidents (2)

– Organize and manage ENSU, ensuring that the obligations of its mandate and Constitution are met

– Preside over meetings of the ENSU Executive and any ENSU General Meeting

– Ensure membership within University of Toronto institutions including but not limited to, the University of Toronto Students’ Union (UTSU), Student Life, Association of Part Time Undergraduate Students (APUS), Sustainability Office

– Ensure membership in groups/ organizations outside of the University of Toronto where necessary

– Ensure to the best of their ability that ENSU has an office space and that it is maintained according to University standards

– Provide all necessary supports to other executive members

– Maintain contact with key members of the University’s administration and staff, and keep record of contact methods for all ENSU executives

– Manage email accounts for ENSU

Treasurer (1)

– Manage all ENSU financial accounts

– Work with the Co-Presidents to create the ENSU budget request for the fall and winter terms

– Validate spending by tracking receipts and proof of purchase

– Hold signing authority on ENSU bank accounts in conjunction with ENSU Co-Presidents

Secretary (1)

– Record minutes of all ENSU executive meetings

– Make all meeting minutes available to executive members

– Ensure that all transition documents are made available for the new executive at the end of the term

Upper Year Representatives (2)

– Act as the direct line of communication between ENSU and upper year (3rd and 4th year) students

– Make any class announcements in upper year classes

– Prepare posters/ advertisements for ENSU events

Lower Year Representatives (2)

– Act as the direct line of communication between ENSU and lower year (1st and 2nd year) students

– Make any class announcements in lower year classes

– Prepare posters/ advertisements for ENSU events

Sustainability Officers (2)

– Implement sustainable practices at events held by ENSU to reduce waste and reuse materials whenever possible

– Work in collaboration with UTERN to hold events during the week of EcoFest

– Promote campus “green spaces” during the “Month of Local” each September

Webmaster (1)

– Manage the website for ENSU, making sure that all information is regularly updated and accessible

– Upload new photos and bios for all executive members at the start of the new term

Social Media Coordinator (1)

– Promote events hosted by or jointly by ENSU on various social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.)

– Prepare and advertise relevant posts on social media for ENSU events and campaigns

Newsletter Editor (2)

– Mange newsletter listserv

– Ensure that the newsletter is updated with all upcoming ENSU news, events and projects

– Ensure that the newsletter is sent out bi-weekly

– Manage external student submissions of content for the newsletter

Commuter Representative (1)

– Work to make ENSU events accessible for commuter students in terms of the time and venues they are held at

Mentorship Coordinator (1)

– Promote the mentorship program at the beginning of the year to all upper and lower year students in the School of the Environment

– Pair together registered mentors and mentees based on academic compatibility

– Hold events each semester geared towards building student awareness on various aspects of opportunities offered by the School of the Environment and environmental community at large in Toronto (i.e networking events, seed planting workshops, study sessions.)

– Set up mentor training sessions with the Office of Student Life to provide CCR recognition for those in the program

– Oversee all mentorship events and provide guidance to mentors on interacting with their mentees



Best of Luck to Everyone! 🙂