The Executive Board


James Povilonis, Co-President

James is third year student who studies environmental studies, economics, and statistics. He grew up in Illinois and came to Toronto for university. He has been on the executive board for three years and enjoys being a part of ENSU events. When not cramming for school, he tutors primary and secondary students in the GTA in math and economics. He hopes to pursue a career in education and would like to travel the world doing so. In his free time, James likes to work out at the gym, play and listen to music, read fiction, and hang out with friends. On longer breaks he likes to go explore nature, even in the brutal cold.



Rachel Sutton, Co-President

Year of study and program: 4th year and environmental studies and environmental geography

Q: Words of wisdom to fellow students
A: Don’t be afraid to get involved!

Q: If you could make one permanent change in every human’s mind (on the planet, today and in the future), what would it be?
A: Small life style changes can have a substantial, positive impact on the planet!

Q: What do you do in your spare time?
A: Reading about anything and everything related to the Arctic, as well as exploring coffee shops and hiking.

Q: Your favourite spot on campus?
A: Vic Quad

Q: favorite environment-related website?
A: Arctic Deeply/ Oceans Deeply

Q: What is one thing you wish you had known in first-year?
A: Setbacks are inevitable, don’t stress if things don’t turn out the way you planned them in high school.

Q: What is a resource you wish more people knew about in the city/UofT?
A: Department specific funding for research projects; always talk to your undergraduate coordinator about areas you’re interested in to find out about opportunities you may not have known existed.

Favourite courses: ENV461 and GGR308


Ruby Tang, Secretary

Hi 🙂 My name is Ruby and I’m in my second year of Environmental Studies and Economics. I appreciate that there are so many programs within the School of the Environment, and that most of the programs are interdisciplinary. In Environmental Studies, we focus on environmental policy, philosophy, and science, and learn about the interconnectedness of all things from people to earth systems to political and economic systems. Readings and problem sets aside, I enjoy hiking, landscape photography, yoga, deep conversations, art and culture, and travelling!



 Lauran Curran, Sustainability Officer

I’m Laura Curran and as one of the Sustainability Officers for ENSU, I aim to keep ENSU green. I’m a 3rd year student majoring in Environmental Science and Forest Conservation Arts, with a minor in Environmental Studies. On top of being a part of ENSU, I’m a beekeeper and Co-President for the UofT BEES. One of my favourite Environmental courses was ENV316 because of it’s field work component and hands-on skills it taught. Plus, I learned how to use R, a statistical analysis software, which will look good on my resume. I highly recommend you get involved in extra-curriculars, since it’s made my experience at U of T far better, and making friends a lot easier. 🌷🐝🌻



Allegra BethlenFalvy, Sustainability Officer

Hi I’m Allegra! I’m in my 4th year majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in History and French. I’m currently one of the sustainability officers for ENSU, and I am responsible for helping plan ENSU events and ensuring that they are environmentally friendly. I like playing sports, especially soccer, and I am a big Raptors fan. During my spare time, I usually watch shows and movies on Netflix, or I do some volunteer work. My favourite food is any pasta dish and I love dark chocolate. One of the upper year courses that I really enjoyed is Ecological Worldviews (ENV333) because it explores different areas of environmental issues. My other favourite course is U of T Campus as a Living Lab (ENV461) because my group worked on improving a space at U of T to help make it a more sustainable campus.



Charlotte Craig, Lower Year Representative

My name is Charlotte Craig and I am one of the Lower Year Representatives for ENSU! I am in second year and I’m currently perusing majors in Forestry Conservation Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in Environmental Biology. I was born in Nova Scotia but grew up in many places including the Bahamas, Barbados and Florida but I am learning to love Toronto! I love hiking, surfing, and baking in my free time.

While every class in the faculties of Environmental Science and Forestry are all great in their own way, I would personally recommend WGS273: Gender and Environmental (In) Justice and ENV234: Structure and Function of Ecosystems. Both courses have great professors and ample opportunity to get involved outside of the classroom.



Catherine Kawpeng, Lower Year Representative

Hi! My name is Catherine Kawpeng and I am the Undergraduate Representative for the Environmental Student Union. I am a first year student planning to major in Environmental Science and Economics. So far I’ve taken ENV100, ENV221, and I’m currently taking ENV200 and ENV222, all of which I am thoroughly enjoying! One of the things I enjoy doing is travelling, and last summer I visited Kenya and Tanzania. It was amazing to see and interact with the chimpanzees that Jane Goodall works with in Tanzania. Here are some pictures of my visit to a Kenyan family’s farm and Darwin, the chimpanzee I saw up close during a jungle trek in Tanzania.



Greg de Salaberry Selijack, Upper Year Representative

Hey! I’m a third-year environmental science and physics major, and am currently stumbling into a minor in math. Bicycling out from small hometown of Waterloo and into big city Toronto, I’m excited to engage with the environment community here. I’m particularly excited about spaces where social progress intersects environmental action and human empowerment. In my spare time, I cook, woodwork, and run. I aspire to be a good eco-citizen and a bad graphic designer. I brew excellent tea. Catch me at Bikechain or the AC. My favourite courses are MAT237 and ENV233.

And I’m eager to talk! Send me an email if you want to talk about any of the things I’ve mentioned above!



Zihan Cai, Upper Year Representative

Hi, I’m Zihan and I’m a fourth-year Innis College student in Environmental Science and Conservation biology. Two of my favorite upper year courses are EEB319 Population ecology and ENV316 Lab and Field methods in Environmental Science. My favorite parts were the field trips where we got to see the salmon spawn, and fished chubs with trawl nets. There is little overlap from EEB319 and ENV316 with other courses, perfect for those looking for a rewarding challenge. As for hobbies, I spend over ten hours per week training for Wushu, a Chinese martial art. I hope to compete in Ontario Games this March and Nationals in May. My hobbies help me stay healthy and fit while in school, and as a mental health break as well!



Kody McCann, Newsletter Editor

Kody McCann is a third year Environmental Science and International Relations double major. He is currently a co-newsletter editor on ENSU. He is originally from Boston. He is passionate about the environmental and his favorite musical is Mamma Mia.



Farida Abdelmeguied, Newsletter Editor

My name is Farida Rady and I’m a third-year student currently pursuing a double major in Political Science and Environmental Studies with a minor in English. It is my second year as one of ENSU’s Newsletter Editor and I look forward to continuing involvement with ENSU. I am mostly interested in the policy, economics, and law aspect of environmental studies and I have thus taken ENV422 (Environmental Law), ENV347 (The Power of Economic Ideas), ENV323 (Ontario Environmental Policy), and ENV462 (Energy and Environment: Politics, Economics, and Sustainability).



Monika Filiks, Commuter Representative

My name is Monika Filiks and I’m a fourth year student pursuing a double major in Environmental Studies and Earth and Environmental Systems. I’m the commuter representative for ENSU and co-chair for the Hart House music committee. I’m interested in urban sustainability and the power of innovation to solve some of the most pressing environmental issues. A course I would recommend taking within the School of the Environment is ENV362 for its insight on energy pathways.



Jared Connoy, Accountant

My name is Jared Connoy, and I am currently in second year, pursuing a double major in environmental science and economics with a minor in environmental biology. I am most interested in the relationship between the economy and the environment- more specifically how we can accurately evaluate environmental degradation, and how we can diversify economies to mitigate this degradation in the first place. I am also interested in pure environmental science, particularly environmental biology and conservation.



My name is Iqra Sheikh. I am currently in my 3rd year. I am completing a double major in human biology and environment & health. One course that I really enjoyed was ENV341. As a science major it really showed me both perspectives of medicine and environment. Lastly, a fun fact about me is that I love stargazing!


Iqra Sheikh, Director of Mentorship


Princess Edogiawerie, Social Media and Communications Coordinator

I’m a third year student double majoring in Environmental Science and Psychology with a minor in environment and behaviour. I am very passionate about issues pertaining to the environment, specifically those that affect human health, such as air pollution. My goals involve moving towards environmental sustainability and working to improve air quality. ENV333 (Ecological Worldviews) is an amazing course that I would recommend to everyone whether or not they’re taking environmental studies. It offers diverse perspectives on current environmental issues that I really enjoyed and feel like I personally benefited from.



Harpreet Chohan, Webmaster

My name is Harpreet Chohan. I am the Webmaster. I am in my fourth year majoring in Environmental Studies, with a minor in Writing and Rhetoric and Philosophy. I am currently taking ENV361 and ENV382. I highly recommend them both. The assignments are a great balance between theory and practice. In ENV382 I have had the chance to go on  field trips. I am a big soccer fan. I enjoy watching Real Madrid because my favourite player is the head coach. In my free time I also love to watch movies. One of my favourite movies is the Korean film, “Memories of Murder” (2003). I hope to become a journalist, film-maker, and possibly coach soccer and teach in elementary school. My advice to students is to never be afraid to ask questions! Learning begins with curiosity. 🙂