Environmental Groups on Campus

University of Toronto Sustainability Commission
The Sustainability Commission is an arm of the University of Toronto Students’ Union devoted entirely to the advancement of sustainability on campus, in collaboration with student groups, through lobbying campaigns and events. Past initiatives have included a Cage-Free Egg campaign for dining halls on campus and notable contributions to the campus Bottled Water ban.
Website: www.utsu.ca

University of Toronto Environmental Resource Network (UTERN)
Receiving a student levy, UTERN acts as an umbrella organization to support individuals and organizations committed to a healthy environment by providing funding, a volunteer bank, and a dishes lending service for campus events.
Website: www.utern.org
Contact: utern.toronto@gmail.com

Environmental Students’ Union (ENSU)
ENSU engages students in the School of the Environment in topics and actions around courses and also seeks to engage students at large in issues and topics of environmental sustainability.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uoftensu
Contact: ensu.utoronto@gmail.com

Trinity Environment Club
This group engages students within the Trinity College community in topics and actions around environmental sustainability. Past initiatives include creating a green roof on St. Hilda’s residence and implementing solar panels on the Gerald Larkin building.
Website: www.trinityenvironment.wix.com/t-e-c

Victoria College (VUSAC) Sustainability Commission
The Sustainability Commission aims to educate Victoria College students and the broader University of Toronto community about the importance of green thinking and action. Past initiatives include a community garden, a student run environmentally friendly coffee shop called Caffeinds, and free weekly bike rentals.
Website: http://vicsustainability.wixsite.com/home
Contact: sustainability@vusac.ca

The Green Chemistry Initiative
The Green Chemistry Initiative was founded in 2012 by a group of graduate students to promote sustainable practices in the lab and in everyday life. They work towards decreasing the environmental impact of their own chemistry research, while educating others in the department and the community on the principles and merits of green chemistry.
Website: www.chem.utoronto.ca/green

Sustainable Engineers Association
The Sustainable Engineers Association is committed to empower engineering students with knowledge, interest and the experience of sustainable development of our society. Past initiatives include symposiums, field trips, and curriculum enrichment.
Website: http://www.sustainable-engineers.org/
Contact: info@sea.skule.ca

Harvest Noon Cafe
Harvest Noon aims to serve local, sustainable, and organically produced food, supports principles of food justice and accessibility, and also provides a relaxed and inclusive space for learning about and expressing love for food. The café is open for lunch on weekdays and also hosts weekly bread bakes.
Website: www.harvestnoon.com

U of T Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network
The Dig In! Campus Agriculture Network exists to unify, coordinate, and empower small-scale food producers across all three University of Toronto campuses. The collective uses local food production as a platform for social, environmental, and civic engagement. Community gardens and workshops are important facets of Dig In!
Website: www.campusagriculture.ca
Contact: campusagriculture@gmail.com

University of Toronto Biology Environmental Action Team (UTBEAT)
UT BEAT is a project-based organization that works to engage students within the Department of Biology in reducing the eco-footprint of the biology departments on campus. Past initiatives include reducing Styrofoam cup usage and increasing reusable mug usage, as well as implementing double-sided printing in first and second year biology classes.
Website: www.utbeat.biology.utoronto.ca
Contact: utbeat@utoronto.ca

Regenesis UofT is a community environmental organization serving the UofT St. George campus and surrounding communities. They are part of Regenesis, a national environmental organization focused on university campuses and their connections to the wider community through community initiatives, experiential education, research and volunteerism. Their current initiatives include (re-)establishing a farmers’ market on/near the St. George campus and creating a campus borrowing centre.
Website: www.regenes.is
Facebook: www.facebook.com/regenesistoronto
Contact: toronto@regenes.is

Leap Chapter UofT
Leap UofT is a student activist group working for climate justice.Their goals are based around the Leap Manifesto.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/leapUofT
Contact: leapuoft@gmail.com

U of T Bees
The University of Toronto Beekeeping Education Enthusiast Society is a student run club which focuses on educating people on the importance of beekeeping.
Website: www. uoftbees.wixsite.com/uoftbees
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uoftbee
Contact: bees.utoronto@gmail.com

Future-Living Lab
Future-Living Lab is a student-run innovation lab where creative ideas come to life. We aim to overcome barriers to affordable living by designing and realizing affordable housing options that enrich quality of life, community, and the environment.
Website: www.futurelivinglab.ca
Contact: futurelivinglab.to@gmail.com

Hart House Farm Committee
The Hart House Farm is a farm owned by Hart House and managed by the Farm Committee and Hart House staff. The Farm Committee works towards creating developmental policies within a sustainability and equity framework; organizing social activities at the Farm and on campus; organizing farm workdays; and working in alliance with campus groups to promote sustainability.
Website: www.harthouse.ca/farm-committee
Contact: farm.committee@gmail.com

University of Toronto Green China 
UTGC is a student group that aims to gather the power of university students to raise people’s awareness about severe environmental problems in China. Their mission is to plant thousands of trees in areas across China, to refresh and clean the air, to control soil and water loss, to avoid sandstorms which happen frequently, to improve the living conditions there, and to create a better and greener China.
Website: www.ulife.utoronto.ca/organizations/view/id/126537
Contact: utgreenchina@gmail.com

Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots: U of T Chapter
Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots supports and encourages young adults to become active community leaders who want to work towards a more sustainable world. The group values diverse perspectives and thrives on the integration of disciplines in reaching a common goal. Students complete a hands-on action project on campus that will make positive change for the community.
Website: www.ulife.utoronto.ca/organizations/view/id/126934
Contact: roots.shoots.uoft@gmail.com

University of Toronto Shoreline Cleanup
The University of Toronto Shoreline Cleanup (UTSHC) is a dedicated team of University of Toronto members registered under The Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup. UTSHC promotes understanding of shoreline litter issues by engaging University of Toronto members to rehabilitate shoreline areas through cleanups.
Website: www.ulife.utoronto.ca/organizations/view/id/127472
Facebook: www.facebook.com/uoftshorelinecleanup

Veg Club
The University of Toronto Veg Club is a student led group that aims to promote Meatless Mondays on campus, and work with students and the University community to promote, educate and learn about vegetarian/vegan diets for the sake of the planet, our health, and animal compassion.
Website: www.ulife.utoronto.ca/organizations/view/id/47785
Facebook: www.vegclubuoft.wordpress.com

Sustainable Engineers Association
Fueled by the drive to increase interest and awareness about Sustainability, the Sustainable Engineers Association has grown to be the foremost Sustainability oriented club in the University of Toronto since its establishment in 2009. SEA acts as a platform to connect individuals to the Sustainability field, both on an academic and on an industry-wide level.
Website: www.sustainable-engineers.org
Contact: chair@sea.skule.ca

ASHRAE stands for the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers, Inc. They are a global organization of more than 57,000 members from over 132 nations that serve to advance the arts and sciences of heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration to promote a sustainable world.
Website: www.ashrae.skule.ca
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ashraeutoronto

Contact: ashraeutoronto@gmail.com